My research focuses on small cities and their regions, and on institutional structures for equitable planning and development. She has explored various aspects of these issues primarily in South Asia but also in the U.S., and across the world, with students. She is involved in pedagogical experiments around citizenship and sustainability planning and is faculty lead for the Nilgiris Field Learning Center, Kotagiri, a transdisciplinary collaboration between Cornell and the Keystone Foundation, India.



Researching and Writing
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My scholarship is focused on understanding various aspects of the institutional basis for equitable planning and development. I study urban transformations in the global South, particularly smaller cities, the workings of NGO's, and the state of planning practice.


I teach courses on Urbaninsm, Planning Methods, and other aspects of Planning Practice, while mentoring and advising undergraduate and graduate students.


I find it most productive to work in collaboration with partners. My collaborations can be focused on co-teaching, on organizing workshops and conferences that explore cutting edge ideas through bringing together wide-ranging and interesting scholars and activists to spark conversations and seed collaborations, or on research projects.

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